Since arriving in Madison in 2007, I have worked with colleagues to create initiatives for transdisciplinary research and learning that mix theoretical, aesthetic, technological, and organizational practices. My efforts here embody explorations begun with StudioLab at NYU, then formalized as the “lecture machine” in Perform or Else, and extended in the essays “Global Feeling: (Almost) All You Need Is Love,” “Towards a Sociopoetics of Interface Design,” “High Performance Schooling,” and “StudioLab UMBRELLA.”



UW’s annual Design Summit has created an interdisciplinary network of instructors, staff, and students working in design. Design Summit 3 brings together leading Wisconsin-based designers with faculty and top administrators interested in enhancing the research and teaching of design at UW-Madison. More info here.


The Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI) is an informal network of over 40 faculty, librarians, and technologists at UW-Madison. Its initial goals are documented in a White Paper produced by a Faculty Development Seminar I led in 2009. DHI has since generated several formal initiatives:

DesignLab is a higher-ed design consultancy that helps students enhance the conceptual and aesthetic dimensions of their research and communication media. DesignLab’s TA consultants come from 8 programs across 4 colleges. Its MIU proposal is here.


Digital Studies is an undergraduate certificate program stretching across 15 programs. Its 6 new faculty positions, associated TAs, and innovative Media Studios are funded by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU). The original proposal is here.

The Digital Salon is an annual exhibition of media projects produced by UW-Madison students. Organized by UW Libraries, it takes place in College Library and an online archive. Now in its 5th year, the Digital Salon is part of UW’s Ideas to Excellence program.


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